It has been more than 70 years ago since shoe stores and boutiques of national and international prestige trust us. We have always been concerned to take care of our customers’ needs, providing flexibility and diversity in the product and giving consistent support to the image and advertising of our collections.

As the years went by, we have been transporting our spaces of Mediterranean character and with handmade touch to farther places from our home.

Currently, Toni Pons is present around the world. Endorsed for all these years of experience in the fashion and design sector, we have become a reference to the world of the espadrille.


With the firm commitment to reinvent ourselves without losing the essence, we present spaces with their own personality, where you can offer our products in an elegant and distinguished way.

We offer the opportunity to present the products in a carefully thought out space, either in the form of space, corner, or store with the Toni Pons seal.

Designed to the last detail, they enable to convey the personality and character of the brand.

This attractive sales environment will revitalize sales and offer customers a surprising experience. It is a perfect place to transmit the essence and personality of Toni Pons.


Thanks to the different sections of our collection, you can offer the best espadrille with a guarantee ‘Made in Spain’ for both man and woman and for all ages.

We have plenty of styles, ranging from the most traditional to the most modern and trending one.

All of that without forgetting our indispensable classics for the summer, with the usual colours or with the most modern fabrics.

In all our models it predominate the freshness of natural and organic materials with the most handmade sense.


Thanks to our positive experience on Toni Pons stores, we can provide styles with guarantee of success.

With our own spaces, multi-brand sales points will be reinforced with the image and prestige of our brand, as well as with our constant support.

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