The elaboration of an espadrille is a contemporary process with roots in the past, keeping the essence, the tradition and the craftsmanship of centuries of history. Find out how we make our espadrilles step by step.


Our designers team, specialized in footwear, analyses the last trends that will inspire our new collections, always keeping the Toni Pons hallmark and our brand personality.

The creation process begins with the first sketch, from which we will make the final designs and the pieces of the collection.

The jute sole manufacturing

The soles of our espadrilles are produced in a traditional way, using high quality jute.

We make skeins with the jute fibre and if necessary, we dyed them in order to get coloured soles. Then, we make the braids with specialized machines.

After that, the sole is hand-crafted on a turntable table to get its original shape. This sole is sewn transversely to reinforce it and finally we add a layer of natural rubber using the vulcanized process.


The choice of the materials

Toni Pons is an eco-friendly brand, that’s why we only use high-quality natural materials.

The jute fiber, the cotton canvas, the linen, the silk or the raffia, among others, are some of the materials used to make our espadrilles.Without forgetting the highest quality leather we also use on our collections.

Every season we thoroughly select the most trendy and best quality materials, to show the Toni Pons character on every collection.

The leather cutting and sewing

The selected materials come to our warehouse in big pieces that must be cut into the different shapes which set up the espadrille. From each of these big pieces, “the cutters” get several parts, that must be stitched among them.

The hand-sewn

The current elaboration process of an espadrille is very similar in some ways as it was centuries ago. The touch of the hand-stitching is the most easily distinguishing feature of the Origens range by Toni Pons. We maintain the craftsmanship on this process that joins the upper and the sole together through the hand-sewn.

Finishing touches

Our espadrilles undergo strict quality controls to guarantee all the brand standards.

Finally, we cover the shoe with a cellulose paper and put it inside the corresponding box, depending on the style range: Orígens, Essencial, Premium, Toni o #instint

A scrupulous process, involving a professional and qualified team, that works to ensure that you can enjoy the experience of wearing a pair of Toni Pons espadrilles.

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