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What is the TONI PONS Shop?

The Toni Pons shop is the online selling point of our brand; it’s dedicated to all our customers who want to enjoy our products anywhere in the world.

If you’re a shop and you want to sell our products, please contact .


Why do I have to indicate my country?

It’s necessary to choose your country for our system to show you just the articles available for your zone.

You can modify this selection anytime using the link that you will find in the bottom right part of our website.


Do I need to register to place an order?

No, you do not need to register as a customer of our store, you can also buy as a guest, but we recommend you being registered. From your user account you can always access your data and know where is your order and what process is it following, also you can get the tracking number of your package, request a return in a few simple steps and modify any of your data.


How can I register?

Our website allows you to create a user account to control all your personal details, the status of your orders and the tracking of your deliveries. Your details will be saved in our database in order to speed up future purchases. Your bank details will never be saved. Remember you can always unsubscribe.

You can create a user account by clicking on the icon placed in the upper right part of our website.



I Have forgotten my password, what do I do?

Passwords are encrypted, so Toni Pons does not have access to your login details in our shop. If you have forgotten your password, you can find it back through our section FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD? that you will find in the sign in area. The system will then send you an email with the steps to follow to recover the password.


If I sign up, will I receive lots of emails from Toni Pons?

No, if you are a registered user you will receive emails related to your purchase or your shipment. In order to receive information related to new products, discounts and special promotions, you’ll have to subscribe to our NEWSLETTER.


How do I subscribe to the Toni Pons Newsletter?

You will have to introduce your email in the Newsletter section that you’ll find in the footer of our website.

If you are a registered user, you will also be able to subscribe by doing a click to the sign-up option of the Newsletter.

Remember you can unsubscribe at any moment.


How to purchase in the Toni Pons Shop?

To buy in the Toni Pons Shop you will just have to select the products you want to purchase. Once you have selected all you want to buy, you can go to your basket to finalize and pay your order.


How can I pay in the Toni Pons Shop?

The payment methods available are:



By credit or debit card (VISA, MASTERCARD, VISA ELECTRON, AMEX and / or other analogic cards) through the ADYEN system.

TONI PONS never sees or has access to the client's bank details, which travel and remain encrypted at all times. This guarantee both parties (seller and buyer) an effective and safe purchase.



Payments by PayPal are safe. PayPal uploads your financial information and protects it with the top security and fraud-prevention systems on the market. Your financial details are never shared with the merchant. PayPal is fast and simple: you won´t need to introduce the details of your card or bank account to make payments. You only need an e-mail address and password. PayPal is flexible: you choose how to pay - with a debit card, a credit card or a transfer from your bank account.

You can also use Paypal without being registered with them. Just choose Paypal as the payment method and follow their instructions. This can be useful if your credit card is not accepted in our shop.


Don’t you accept bank transfer?

No, we do not have this payment method. If you have any trouble with the payment during the purchase, please contact us in


How can I know if my order has been processed correctly?

Once your order has been registered in our system, you will receive a confirmation e-mail regarding the items you have bought. It’s important that you receive this e-mail as it’s the way to be sure there hasn’t been any error during the process of the order. If you are a registered user, you will be able to find the order details in your account.


How long will it take until I receive my order?

Toni Pons uses MAIL BOXES for all the shipments. The expected dates are, during working days, from 24 to 48 hours in Spain, from 2 to 6 days in Europe and from 6 to 10 days in international deliveries. We will send you an e-mail once your shipment has left our facilities, in this e-mail you will find the tracking number to follow up your delivery. There may occur delays that are out of our control, in this case, you can directly contact the shipment company with your tracking number.


UPS will attempt to deliver the package to the address indicated the first time, if it fails; it’s possible that they deposit your package in an ACCES POINT so you can pick it up. If you do not want to pick your package up there, you have the right of another deliver attempt for free. You will have to conact UPS indicating your tracking number and fix another deliver time.

The products will be delivered to the address that you have indicated in your purchase. It is extremely important that the details are exact. If the delivery is sent back to our facilities due to incorrect information, you will be charged with the costs of this delivery.

The client must provide exact information and facilitate the delivery of the order, the failure of any of these will exempt Toni Pons for any responsibility of any delay or cancellation of the delivery.

In case of any problem during the shipment of your order, we will contact you to inform you about the situation.


Who pays the shipping costs?

Shipping costs are not included in the item price provided on the website, but they are displayed before finishing the order placement. Shipping expenses can vary depending on the shipment address of each order. Shipping expenses are paid by the customer.

Shipments in the US are free of charges.


Who covers customs duty in my country?

Some countries outside the UE or the US may require the payment of customs duties to accept the entrance of items. Customs duties are the responsibility of the customer. Toni Pons, through the UPS courier firm, offers you the option of arranging the customs duty without you having to go in person. UPS will contact you once the package has arrived in your country and will ask you if you want them to be responsible for the customs check process at the Customs Office.



What happens if the product purchased doesn’t fit well?

If when receiving your product, you see that the size is not the correct one, you can ask for a change. To do that, you have to ask for a return of the product and purchase the correct size.


Can I take back the purchased products?

For any questions, you can check our return policy, you will find the link at the bottom of the page.

When you receive your purchase from , whether you are not satisfied, you can change it within the next 15 days from the delivery day. You must make a return and place a new order for the product you want to receive.


How can I request for the return of any product?

Remember that you have a period of 15 days, after receiving your order, to make the return request.

There are two different ways to request a return:


  • Access to MY ACCOUNT, go to the section MY RETURNS, there you will find the option CREATE NEW RETURN, follow the steps to open the application. Once created, from your client file you can access, modify or check the status of your return.
  • You can also request the return by clicking here

Once you have completed the application, print the register confirmation email and put it into the package. It is very important for us to associate the package with the return and proceed to the refund.


If you are not registered on our website you must make the request for return by clicking on the following link:


Once you have completed the application, print the email that will confirm the register of your request and put it into the package.


 Who pays the return shipping cost?

The customer is responsible for the cost of sending the return. Toni Pons will only be liable in case of any mistake with the shipment.


How can I clean my Toni Pons Espadrilles?


First of all, it must be kept in mind that natural jute fibres can be easily damaged by water; therefore, it is important to avoid, as much as possible, contact of your espadrilles with water. It is not recommended to use them on rainy days and it is important to keep them in a dry place without humidity so that they remain in perfect condition. Under no circumstances should the espadrille be put into the washing machine, or submerged in water or placed under the tap, since the jute in contact with the water swells and will be damaged, falling apart. In case of rain, if the jute sole gets wet or acquires dampness, the best is to let it dry in the open air, without exposing it directly to the sun and always keeping the espadrille in a horizontal position. To clean the jute soles, it is better to remove the dust using a soft bristle brush. In case there are stains on the jute, they can be removed with an eraser. Another option is to sprinkle talcum powder over the jute and let it work for a few minutes to absorb the stain. Then use a brush to remove the spot completely. In the event the rubber on the sole separates from the jute, we recommend repairing it with silicone or glue.


Use a microfiber cloth (one that does not detach threads), moisten with water and rub gently.


The cleaning process will be the same as the one we recommend for suede and leather uppers.


To clean the upper of our canvas espadrilles, we use a microfiber cloth (one that does not detach threads). We moisten with water and rub gently. It is also possible to use a soft bristle brush. If necessary, we can add a little bit of neutral soap to the moistened cloth and rub gently. Next, to remove the soap residue, we will use another microfiber cloth with water. To dry the espadrilles, we recommend leaving them outdoors, without exposing them directly to the sun, and always in a horizontal position. To clean food or grease stains, we recommend sprinkling talcum powder in the area of the stain and let it act for a few minutes to absorb the grease. Then rub with a soft brush to remove the remains of talcum and dirt.


There is a large variety of fabrics that can be used on espadrilles and each one has its own specific recommendations for cleaning and maintenance; but in general, you can use a microfiber cloth or a soft bristle brush for cleaning the tissues, always rubbing gently. In case of food or grease stains, we recommend sprinkling talcum powder in the area of the stain and let it act for a few minutes to absorb the grease. Then rub with a brush to remove the remains of talcum and dirt.


To clean suede footwear superficially, we recommend using a microfibre cloth slightly dampened with water and then rub gently. To clean specific stains on the suede, it is possible to use an eraser or a piece of crepe to rub gently on the stain. Since the suede is a delicate material, the best advice to prevent dirt is to use a special waterproof solution for this type of leather.


To clean leather footwear, you can use a soft bristle brush or a cotton cloth slightly damp with water. To moisturize leather footwear or for a deeper cleaning, we recommend using a special colourless moisturizer for footwear with a cotton cloth that does not detach threads. It is very important in all cases, to let the shoe dry at room temperature to prevent cracks from appearing on the skin.


If the espadrille gets dampness during the process, once it is clean, we recommend placing a microfiber cloth inside to absorb the moisture and maintain the shape of the shoe.


Our espadrilles from Summer #instint collection stand out for their vulcanized, light and very flexible soles. For cleaning this type of foot wear we recommend using a microfiber cloth (which does not detach threads) moistened with water and, if necessary, a little neutral soap. Please rub gently. Next, to remove the soap residue, we will use another microfiber cloth with water. To dry the espadrilles, we recommend leaving them outdoors, but without exposing them directly to the sun and always in a horizontal position. It is recommended not to put them in the washing machine, as the fabrics may discolour.


Our shoes from Winter #instint collection stand out for their vulcanized soles, light and very flexible and for featuring a suede braid around. For cleaning, we recommend using a slightly moistened microfiber cloth and rub gently. In case of concrete spots on the suede pieces, you can use an eraser by rubbing gently. 

You can download Toni Pons Product Care Guide HERE 


I don’t find any answer to the question, how to contact Toni Pons shop?

We will be happy to help you through our e-mail 


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